COOLIFY 2S Smart Neck Air Conditioner

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Color: Black
Precio habitual $199.00 USD
Precio habitual Precio de oferta $199.00 USD

Customer Reviews

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Saves your day for Seniors!

Never would have made it on my trip to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho due to the intense heat with my kids and grandkids without my new best friend…. TORRAS COOLIFY 2S. Keeping up with young-ins in the heat at 61 is no easy task. I was able to venture out to the shops and nature hikes along with the parks and Hot Springs with the comfort of keeping my neck cook. I really only had to put it up on level C1 (cool one - Cool two) C2 as it did the job and lasted for hours and hours. I especially love the part where you can stick a portable charger in your pack or pocket and keep it running while you charge!The next weekend it came in handy at the Aquarium. I took it with as my daughter had mentioned how humid it would be in there. Then I took pity on my husband Bob as sweat was rolling down his face. I wrapped it around him and did without while now he could keep up with his son in town visiting with ease. You need to own this one. Seniors it's a no brainer!

Fan tastic!

Ordered for my wife who suffers with hot flashes due to POTS and now Premenopausal hot flashes. She says she still gets hot but doesn't burst into sweat nor do the hot flashes last as long. Feels like a cool ice pack on your neck with the cooling feature on. What a great personal cooling device.

Great for industrial work

This thing has been one of the best purchases I've made. Pair it with a10k mah power pack with QC 3.0 and it'll run all shift without stopping.

Ken Quiñones
Neck AC

It cools my neck and has even better air conditioning, I'm satisfied. I would like to search for my chest and back inside my shirt or outside that has air conditioning worthwhile. Please

Amazon Customer
Definitely feels like a $300 neck fan.

I just received this a couple days ago. I had just a regular $40 neck fan and didn’t have many complaints for what it was—only had three modes but I work in door to door sales in hot and humid northeast PA so I appreciate any relief. Luckily found this one on sale when the charging port broke on the old one, and I can definitively say my expectations have been exceeded by this fan. The quality is exceptional. What you see is what you get. Has a very nice, compact hard case. Very high quality USB-C cord. There are six slots for the fans, and the plates are large. I have not run it long term with the plates on. The most I had it was for about 6 hours with the fan on low, and about an hour on the second cooling setting. You can just run the fans, the cooling plates, or both. There’s 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling settings, and 3 heating settings. Just to clarify the fans are not a part of the heating function. I will follow up after a few months, but absolutely worth the money; quality and function are great, and it conforms perfectly to your neck. 100% recommend.