TORRAS COOLIFY 3 Wearable Neck Air Conditioner – Limited Edition (US ONLY)

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Regular price $369.00 USD
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- Intelligent Color-Changing Plates: Sleek carbon fiber design with temperature-responsive plates.
- Powerful Cooling: TORRAS Coology, NTC control for rich, widespread, and instant cool.
- 360° Cooling Effect: Surround semiconductor plates, 7-directional air outlets for immersive cooling.
- Long-Lasting Battery: 6000mAh for up to 13h, 80% charge in 1.2h, 18W fast charging.
- Smart Modes & App Control: Cool/Heat/Fan modes, TORRAS app, stepless speed, and customization.
- Ergonomic Design: TORRAS ErgoFit, memory silicone surface, comfortable for various activities.

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- Other international orders will be sent out on February 20th.

- 30 Days hassla-free full return

- 180 days warranty

- Lifetime professional guide

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Malika Nonomura
The cooling plates work!

This TORRAS 3 is fantastic! The plates actually get cold and cools the neck.

Amazon Customer
Wonderful device, but Bluetooth stopped working

I love this for cooling myself off! The plates cool quickly and the fans are powerful and placed in great locations. The ability to use it while plugged in is perfect for me, and I am excited to use the heating feature once the summer is over and the cold winter comes along. My one big issue is that the Bluetooth connection to my phone stopped working and I haven’t been able to fix that. I’ll update my review if I’m able to fix it. The customer support people were quick and responsive in pointing me to the right product support team (Amazon, in this case, who are not very helpful).My second small complaint is that if you have longer hair and don’t let it drape completely over the fan or have whispy pieces that are just the right length, they might occasionally get pulled by the fan intake or go right into the fan itself, which can hurt a little. I hope in future designs they rectify this with some simple safeguards.Other than that it’s amazing. it cools quickly and the battery lasts a very long time if you are conservative, and a very appropriate amount of time if you are running it at full blast. It performs perfectly well when plugged into an external source and is great on the go. Worth the money, especially for people with temperature regulation disorders such as myself.

David Royce William Tanner
Cold or Hot

I like the limited version it has a very cold feel on the neck during a hot day. I actually leave it on in my car, and it makes the air conditioner cooler than the air conditioner working on it's own! I just turn it to recirculate, the car gets colder quicker... and the temp stays colder the whole time while driving home in 100+ deg weather. The warm function gets very warm but I have not used it on a cold day yet. When I use the cold function and I have left it on for twenty minutes, I can still feel the frost on my neck about 15 minutes later with it off my neck. This gives you an idea of what this thing is capable of. It also has the fan function too! I ran the fan function for a few seconds to make sure it works but have not used it. There is two different neck devices there is an Air Conditioner and then there are regular fans. The Coolify 3 Limited Version is an Air Conditioner with a fan mode installed. It does have a fan mode, cool mode, heat mode with three power settings per mode. Fans are priced at like $20 to $100 and Air Conditioners are priced at $200 to $400. I went with Coolify 3 Limited version because it had great reviews on You Tube and written reviews too!

Great purchase

Love it

K. Wellborn
It does help, but...

I do love this fan. When you first put it on it's heavenly. However, after wearing it for a few minutes, you stop feeling the cooling plates. Yes, it does work, just be aware that the cooling plates either heat up from the heat of your body, OR your body gets used to it and you just stop feeling them, and it becomes a regular neck fan. I just don't know if I would recommend it or not, simply because of the cost. But it is something that can help, even if it's for a short time. I have had it for a few years now, and I take it with me to Disneyland/Disney World during the hot months. So, even though it may not be a solution to the heat, it does help.