iPhone 15 Pro Max Ostand R Magsafe Case with 360° Rotated Stand

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful, amazing I love it, the quality is superb, I have become a fan, TORRAS ❤️

GM (Brisbane, AU)
High-quality case but it's somewhat slippery in the hand

There's no doubt this is a high-quality case with high-quality materials being used throughout. It feels and looks like a premium case and the rotating MagSafe stand is excellent, with a great deal of attention put into the components used and the overall design. The magnets are quite strong and the ring has a nice snappy action when closing. A nice addition is the ability to switch out all 4 buttons for two other colours (orange and green) and the implementation is clever, yet simple. The buttons feel secure and there's no extraneous movement, noise or rattling.

The only real downside to this case - when used with my iPhone 15 Pro Max - is that the case surface material feels very slippery and I've nearly dropped my new phone a bunch of times due to this. As a direct result, I frequently find my fingers and wrist cramping up because I need to grip this case much more firmly than I've ever held a phone case before. Part of the issue is the greater width of the iPhone Pro Max and how this affects holding the phone but a well-designed case should take into consideration each individual product's dimensions and quirks, rather than using a one-design-for-all approach when a new generation is released i.e. a case design that is great for the iPhone Pro may not be the best option for the Pro Max/Plus due to the extra size and mass of the larger phones.

Of course, the upside to this situation is that the case easily slips into and out of pockets. Still, I would personally prefer that some form of raised etching or more grippy material be used on the lower half of each side in order to better grip the case. I don't believe this would have a significant impact on the production process and costs, and it would turn this case into a 5-star product.

Finally, I've been really impressed with TORRAS customer support in answering my questions and helping me out overall. I'm quite impressed with what TORRAS is doing and will definitely look into buying more TORRAS products as I need them in future.

Nicholas GOLD (Melbourne, AU)

No nonsense case that delivers. I got the clear so that I could see the phone I bought and paid for. Love the unobtrusive and extremely handy ring at the rear. Great stand, holder and very flexible in how you use it. Everything fits the way it should and I am particularly happy with the choice of colours for the action buttons: silver, green, orange and black. I’ve chosen the orange for all of the buttons, except the action button, which I’ve kept Silver. I love having the choice. Well done.

Barbara Thompson (Coeur d'Alene, US)

Very sturdy. Love the stand

Humberto Cavalcanti Silva Filho (Caruaru, BR)
Great case, but not as good as the former... grip-wise.

It's a very well constructed case. Excellent design and the 360º rotating support system is impeccable. It doesn't get 5 stars because it's a little slippery in your hands. More than the previous case I had for my iPhone 13 Pro Max.