iPhone 15 Series Clear Lstand Magsafe Case

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Device: iPhone 15 Pro
Color: Clear
Precio habitual $29.99 USD
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Customer Reviews

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Got the phone case! The phone case is very translucent, hard and of good quality. Magsafe can also be adsorbed very well, and wireless charging will not be affected at all. The bracket is on the lens side, which is very convenient and not obtrusive.

William Chapman
My New Favorite Case

 This is my new favorite case. It’s my first time having a case with the kickstand type feature. The placement of the kickstand to watch videos and prop the phone up is perfect. The feel is light and just the right feel. I was amazed of how great it fit my iPhone 14 Pro Max considering the case is designed for the 15. I would buy this case again. Matter of fact I think I’m going to gift for my wife.

Eric Ho
Functional and fashionable!

This case is sturdy and the plastic is smooth. The buttons are easy to press unlike other clear plastic cases. Although the MagSafe capability is useful, the built in kickstand is a game changer. It not only protects the camera module, but can be opened in various angles to keep the phone up in any orientation!

Superb Case!

My wife and I pre-ordered two iPhone 15 Pro Max, and before the phone came, I purchased these two cases. I have to say that it meets all of my expectations, and the black one is for me, and the white one is for my wife. I would like to call them his-and-hers phone cases!Because I don't have the iPhone 15 Pro Max now, I used our iPhone 14 Pro Max to test these two cases. Here are the reasons why I like this case!First, as the pictures show, the appearance and color of these two cases are so beautiful and they even accentuate the original color of the phone. The touching feeling of them is different. The black case is touched comfortably and smoothly, and the clear one is touched like it can enhance the gripping of the phone. Both of these two cases make me feel safe when I hold them in my hands. I won't be afraid that they will slide out of my hands.Second, its functions are perfect! Both the MagSafe and the stand! The MagSafe part of the case is flat and won't hinder the gripping of the phone. I have used my MagSafe charger to charge the phone, the case can be attached to the device firmly and seamlessly. I will try to put it on my car holder and I believe that it will do a great job as well! I like its stand best! Why? As you can see in the pictures, the stand is not designed on the MagSafe ring. Instead, it lies around the camera. Firstly, this design perfectly solves the problem that I can't charge the phone while using wireless charging if the stand is opened. Secondly, the stand is stable and sturdy. If you use the stand vertically, its adjustable angles are 0°-135°, which will not affect the wide-angle photography. If you adjust the stand to 85-90 degrees, it can be used vertically and is particularly stable. What's more, the stand is higher than the camera, which can protect the camera very well and you don't need to buy an extra camera anymore!Last but not least, if my wife and I use these two phone cases on our iPhone 15 Pro Max cases, I believe they will attach others' eyes and think we really love each other so much, lol. I like buying lovers of things for myself and my wife!

This case has truly exceeded my expectations!

It's got this handy stand that's perfect for propping up your phone while you watch stuff, and it doesn't stop it from charging wirelessly.It also got a tough shield for the camera and strong sides that can handle some serious drops. This sticks to my magnetic car mount like magic!